How Clean Is Your Heating System

How Do You Know If Your Heating System Needs Cleaning?

Quite simply it just wont work as it should be, While this list is not exhaustive it does contain some of the most common symptoms you may experience within your heating system

1. Your radiators are hot at the top and cold or lukewarm at the bottom

2. When you bleed your radiators no water comes out.

3. Your boiler doesn't heat as well as it used to or sometimes cuts out.

4. Your radiators, pipework, pump, and boiler are noisy.

5. Some of your radiators aren't getting hot but the pipework is.

6. The color of the water within your heating system is black.

What does a Magnacleanse do?

As water flows through your heating system the magnets within the Magnacleanse pick up small particles of metal debris (Magnetite), your system consists of all of your heating pipes, boiler and if you have one, your cylinder. The magnets within the Magnacleanse cleaning system are extremely powerful and attract any metallic particles and debris that are mixed with them. When combined with a chemical cleaner it uses the heat and pump from the existing heating system to react with the chemical then all the radiators are agitated with a large vibrating magnet. This stirs up the metal debris within the radiators and is then carried with the water flow from the pump to the magnets inside the Magnacleanse unit where it can then be safely removed and disposed of.

What is Magnetite?

Magnetite (black sludge) is basically small particles of metal known as swarf. This is a by product of corrosion within your radiators, in simple terms the inside of your radiators are constantly rusting from the inside out. This is caused by the reaction between water, the steel your radiators are made of and air, combine these all together and these are the factors that can cause major problems within your heating system and boiler and in some cases can mean you need to have a new boiler.

How can i protect my heating system from magnetite?

Firstly ideally the whole system needs to be cleaned with a Magnacleanse and a chemical and then have a Magnaclean filter installed to prevent further build up of magnetite entering your boiler and clogging up the major parts that heat the water. This filter should then be cleaned annually along with your boiler service to ensure to its kept well maintained. At this point the system can also be dosed through the filter with an inhibitor, this also helps to prevent corrosion within the system. Sometimes Magnacleanse can be used in conjunction with a powerflush if required, however a powerflush isn't always successful and can cause further problems in terms of fittings leaking or bursting.

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