Reasons for a Noisy Boiler

Have you ever found yourself unable to sleep in the dead of night, as you’re continually kept awake by a strange or unknown sound? 

Believe it or not, this could well be emanating from your boiler, which often produces audible sounds as it heats water and radiators throughout your home. However, some sounds may be indicative of a hidden fault or internal problem, and these require urgent attention from an accredited engineer. 

But what are the reasons for a noisy boiler, and which sounds should you listen out for as a home-owner? 

1. Whistling or Kettling 

If you can hear a whistling sound emanating from your boiler unit, this may be caused when the water in your heating system reaches too high a temperature. 

This sound be similar to the noise made by a kettle when it boils, and it suggests that the units’ connecting pipes or components are blocked by accumulated sludge, debris and dirt. 

This stops the water from circulating correctly, but fortunately it can be easily resolved with a simple powerflush. This service must be carried by a Gas Safe-registered engineer, as it uses powerful cleaning agents to cleanse the entire heating system. 

2. Tapping and Banging 

On a similar note, tapping and banging can also be indicative of an internal build-up or blockage. 

However, if the noise is a little louder or more constant, it may also be the result of a loose component that needs to be either secured or replaced by a qualified gas engineer. 

Regardless, you’ll need to seek out expert guidance and assistance if the noise continues over time. 

3. Gurgling 

This can be a really alarming sound, and one that makes it seem as though your system is on the brink of a breakdown! 

This isn’t necessarily anything to be concerned about, however, as gurgling is often caused by having trapped hair in your heating system. You may also notice that your radiators aren’t heating up as quickly as usual, whilst they may also have cold spots developing on them. 

Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to correct, as you can simply bleed your radiators and release the trapped air through a valve. You don’t need an accredited engineer to undertake this work, although if the problem persists you should reach out for expert help. 

Do you Need Help Dealing with a Noisy Boiler? 

If your boiler is making strange noises and you’re unable to identify the cause of the issue, you should definitely consider calling on LP Plumbing & Heating to help you out! 

After all, we’re Gas Safe-registered and City & Guilds qualified to level 3, whilst we’re also Logic certified for G3 in the installation and maintenance of unvented hot water systems. So, whatever boiler or heating system is installed in your home, we can attend and identify any issues that may be the cause of unusual noises! 

Operating in Snodland, West Malling, Halling, Vigo and Aylesford we’re waiting to take your call on 07534 907893. Or, you can find out more by emailing us at and speaking to one of the team!