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If your radiators are taking time to warm up or you've noticed a rise in the price of your energy bills, it might be time for a powerflush. Get in touch with our highly qualified gas engineers at LP Plumbing & Heating Ltd on 07534 907893 or check out our contact details below to speak to us about our powerflushing and central heating cleaning service. 

What is a powerflush?

Over time as you use the central heating in your home, rust, sludge and other debris builds up inside the system. 

Not only does this build up decrease the efficiency of your central heating, causing you to spend more money on your energy bills, but it also increases the likelihood of needing a boiler repair further down the line. The fix? A powerflush or similar. When we powerflush your central heating system, we'll inject water and other cleansing and immobilising agents into your system at a very high velocity, giving it enough power to remove any build up that it comes into contact with.

The results are instantaneous, you should notice warmer radiators and lower energy bills in no time! Call us today on 07534 907893 to book your survey for a powerflush with our team. 

Signs you need a powerflush

Here are some signs that suggest your central heating system might be due a powerflush...

  • Your radiators take a long time to heat up, never really reach full temperature or don’t heat up at all
  • Cold spots remain on your radiators, even after bleeding them especially at the bottom 
  • Your boiler is making strange noises (banging, gurgling, etc.)
  • You notice black or brown sludgy water is in your system
  • A good way to test particularly bad areas is to run a magnet along your copper pipes, if it sticks its a good indication that there's a build up of a build up of magnetite (black sludge) inside

If you have noticed any of these signs or anything else, please get in touch using the contact information below or the contact form on this page. 

Book a powerflush with us in and around West Malling, Halling, Vigo and Aylesford 

Our gas engineers offer flexible times and competitive prices so we’re exactly what you’re looking for!

To get in touch with our gas engineers today, give us a call on 07534 907893 or email us at lpheatingplumbing@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can fill out the handy contact form on our website. While you’re here, why not head over to our reviews page and see what previous customers have thought. We know you’ll like what you see!

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