3 Common Boiler Problems During the Winter

While most of us use our boilers all year round, they really come into their own during the winter months. Delivering heat and hot water in the mornings and evenings, our boilers are responsible for keeping our homes toasty in winter. This makes getting out of bed in the morning and relaxing in the evening possible!

It’s therefore little fun when they misbehave - especially when we really need them! Unfortunately, due to a few common problems, winter is when our boilers are most likely to break down. We’ve provided a lowdown below on the most common boiler issues during winter, with tips on how you can quickly solve them. 

Frozen boiler

During the colder months, this is a common problem with certain types of boilers (condensation boilers). The pipe that is positioned at the back of the boiler to drive condensation away from it can freeze, which will stop your boiler working. You can resolve this simply yourself, by pouring warm water over the pipe to thaw it out. Be sure to only use warm water, as if it’s too hot it can damage the pipe. 

Rooms not heating properly

It’s a cold day, you’ve put your heating on and… nothing. While your boiler is on and seems to be operating normally, your rooms aren’t heating up properly and your home remains chilly. While it can be hard to diagnose this issue without being present, a common reason for this is your thermostat going haywire. 

Over time, the components of your thermostat can wear out and, as a fragile piece of equipment, it can easily become inaccurate. This causes your rooms to fail to heat up to the temperature you set it to because your thermostat has lost its way.

While this isn’t something you can resolve yourself, our expert team can quickly identify and resolve this issue to get your heating working properly once again. 

The pilot light has gone out

Your boiler will not operate without the pilot light. If it goes out, it means no hot water or heat until it’s back on again. While there can be a number of reasons for this happening, the most concerning one is due to a gas build-up. In this case, the pilot light will go out in order to protect you and your family from a potential gas explosion, so call us right away if this happens and we will quickly investigate. 

If you need any help with your boiler during the winter (or summer!) months, we’re on hand to help. Based in Snodland, Kent, we serve the entire area including West Malling, Halling, Vigo and Aylesford. You can contact us by phone 07534 907893, by email at lpheatingplumbing@gmail.com or by completing our short contact form here on our website.