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How Clean Is Your Heating System

How Do You Know If Your Heating System Needs Cleaning?Quite simply it just wont work as it should be, While this list is not exhaustive it does contain some of the most common symptoms you may experience within your heating system

1. Your radiators are hot at the top and cold or warm at the bottom.

2. When you bleed your radiators no water comes out.

3. Your boiler doesn't heat as well as it used to or sometimes cuts out.

4. Your radiators, pipework, pump, and boiler are noisy.

5. Some of your rad...


How To Keep Your Heating System Running This Winter

We have covered some of the top reasons to keep your heating system in tip top condition this winter to ensure you don't get caught. But for more information or for help on a current heating problem you may give us a call on 07534 907893. We cover Snodland, Maidstone, Rochester, Chatham, Gravesend and surrounding areas.