FAQ’s of Installing a New Boiler

OK, so you’ve decided to install a new boiler in your home! This is a significant decision, and one that can cost anywhere between £2,300 and £3,000 on average.

However, the chances are that you’ll have a number of questions at this time, pertaining to the nature of the installation project, the location of your boiler and preparations needed to undertake the work.

In this post, we’ll review some of the most frequently-asked questions surrounding boiler installation, whilst providing some genuine peace-of-mind for home-owners. So, let’s get started!


How Long is the Boiler Installation Process?


This can depend on a number of different factors, including the precise location of the brand-new unit.

If your new boiler is to be installed in the same place as the old one, for example, the process can take as little as one or two working days. 

This can increase to three working days in instances where the location has to be changed, but it’s rare for the installation of a new boiler to take any longer than this (depending on your choice of heating systems and the components included).

Where Should my Boiler Go?


This is a good question, and for ease of installation it would make sense for your new boiler to be kept in the same position as your current model. 

However, there may be instances where this changes, particularly if your existing unit is not in the most accessible or practical location. You may also want to remove the boiler from the loft space if you’re replacing an older heating system, in order to make room for future renovations.

This also enables you to install the new boiler in a kitchen or utility-room cupboard, which is a huge space saver and ensures that that the unit is both accessible and hidden from sight.


How to I Prepare for my Boiler Installation?


In truth, there’s not really a great deal that you need to do when preparing for a new boiler installation, apart from creating a clear space in which your chosen engineers can work.

You should also be proactive by clearing a path to all boiler and heating system components, as this will help the project to be completed quicker.

However, it’s worth checking in with your service provider of choice to see if there’s anything that they’d like you to do, just to make sure that they have everything required to work efficiently.

Why Choose LP Heating & Plumbing to Work on your Behalf?

On a final note, it’s important that you work with an experienced and accredited-engineer to manage the installation process, as this safeguards your property and the investment that you’ve made.

This is where LP Heating & Plumbing can be worth their weight in gold, as we work in Snodland and the surrounding areas to provide high-quality boiler installation services. Our engineers are all Gas Safe-registered too, whilst we work closely with Beneath Heat to ensure that we install only the best products.

If you need to know more, feel free to reach out and give us a call today on 07534 907893. Or, you can email us at lpheatingplumbing@gmail.com and raise your query in writing.