The Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

Your boiler is likely one of the most expensive appliances in your home, so it can be off-putting thinking about the cost of replacing it. However, if worst comes to worst and you do need to replace it, there are some benefits that you can look forward to, especially if your boiler is 10+ Years old...

A New Boiler Means Less Wasted Energy

The majority of new boilers are A-rated. In other words, they are over 90% efficient, which means for every £1 spent on your heating bills, only 10p of it is wasted. This falls into comparison with older boilers (mostly 10+ Years old boilers) where most are around the 70% efficiency mark, which means for every £1 spent, 30p of it is wasted. 

Whilst 20p might not seem like much initially, it can mount up over time, especially when considering that most of spend £100's on our heating bills every year. Save yourself some extra cash every year with a new boiler fitted by us in Maidstone, Rochester and Chatham. 

New boilers are less likely to breakdown

If you're tired of your old weary boiler breaking down, we'd definitely recommend installing a replacement. A new replacement boiler can mean not having to worry about a cold shower in the mornings and a cold home at night in the winter months.

New boilers come with a new warranty/guarantee

Most new boilers come with a new warranty/guarantee that can protect you against breakdowns should the worst happen. Manufacturer warranties/guarantees range from anything from 1-10+ Years, meaning you could have peace of mind over any breakdowns for at least the next decade. 

A New Boiler Can Allow For a Smart Thermostat

If your boiler is really old, chances are you aren't able to install a smart thermostat in your home. A smart thermostat unlocks so much potential when it comes to home heating, giving you full control over everything. You can control your home from an app on your phone, no matter where you are, and you can pre-set temperatures so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting the heating ever again! 

Not only this, you receive in depth analysis of your spendings over the months, with handy tips on how to reduce your spending even further.

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