Signs Your Boiler is Due a Repair

Whilst new, A-rated boilers are considered to be extremely reliable and more than 90% efficient, they’re still capable of breaking down once in a while. They can also develop small and seemingly insignificant faults, which may worsen over time and cost considerable amounts to repair in the future. To negate this risk, you need to ensure that your boiler is well-maintained and keep your eyes peeled for any signs that highlight the need for a repair. Here are some of the key indicators to keep in mind: 

1. Is Your System Producing Warm Water? 

Have you noticed that your shower or taps are producing cold or tepid water? If so, there could be multiple reasons for this, whilst this does not necessarily mean that the boiler is broken. To test the system, switch the warm water on and let the tank refill before running the shower for a few minutes. If the water is still running cold, you may find that there’s a broken airlock in the system or a failure with the motorised valve. Regardless, you’ll need to call out a Gas Safe engineer and have them identify the fault at your earliest convenience. 

2. Are There Strange Noises Coming from your Boiler? 

Have you ever noticed strange or loud noises emerging from your boiler? If so, you may be tempted to disregard these as so-called ‘house noises’ which are not worthy of further attention. However, boilers that regularly produce unusual noises are often on the verge of a breakdown, or at least in need of a repair, an annual service or a powerflush. Banging, gurgling or kettling noises should be a particular cause of concern, and if you’re hearing these on a frequent basis you should definitely book in with a local engineer. 

3. Are your Radiators Cold, Despite Bleeding Them? 

If you’ve ever noticed cold patches on your radiators, your first port of call should always be to bleed these in order to release any trapped air or water. If your radiators remain cold even after they’ve been bled, however, you may have a larger fault in your system that requires far greater expertise to repair. This is particularly true if your boiler is continuing to produce cold water, and in this instance you should definitely seek out the services of an accredited service provider. 

How LP Plumbing & Heating Can Help to Maintain your Boiler 

If you’ve noticed these or similar signs emanating from your boiler, the time may have come to call in an accredited engineer. If you live in Kent or the surrounding areas such as Snodland, West Malling, Halling, Vigo and Aylesford, you can rely on LP Plumbing & Heating to handle any necessary boiler repairs. Rest assured, our engineers are all Gas Safe registered, while they have years of experience dealing with multiple types of heating system. To discuss this in further detail and determine how we can help you, give us a call on 07534 907893 today. You can also reach us by sending an email to and requesting your quote in writing!