Are your gas appliances safe?

Do you know if your gas boiler is working safely and correctly? Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless and even in small amounts can be lethal.

Getting you boiler serviced regularly is extremely important not only for yours and your families safety but also to prolong the life of your boiler and to ensure that its running efficiently and according to the manufactures specifications. Failure to maintain your boiler correctly can result in costly breakdowns or a full boiler replacement, not to mention the safety implications of having a potentially dangerous gas appliance in your home.

A boiler service should at the very least consist of checks of all pipework and gas tightness, a check off all seals and the boiler casing, inside and out, a visual inspection of the flue, condense and PRV. Your burner chamber should also be cleaned out and inspected along with emptying and cleaning the condense trap. it should then have a flue gas analysis and have a gas rate carried out, this is all the very bare minimum. Ideally the manufactures instructions should be followed as best practice which generally is far more in depth than the previously mentioned.

If you are thinking of having your boiler serviced or have one booked in then firstly ensure that they are gas safe registered, if they cant prove the fact (ideally with their gas safety identity card) then do not allow them to enter your home and touch your gas appliances. Secondly if they just pop a flue gas analysis probe into the flue and have a quick look over your boiler then this is not a satisfactory boiler service, demand that it be carried out properly.

Here at LP Plumbing and Heating Ltd no corners are cut when it comes to gas safety, if its a boiler service its carried out correctly and safely as is boiler installations and boiler repairs by fully qualified and fully insured professionals. If you would like to ask any questions about boiler servicing, boiler installations or boiler repair or you wish to book one with ourselves then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.