Central Heating Installation

Central Heating Installation based in Snodland, Kent

Central Heating Installation throughout the surrounding areas, including West Malling, Halling, Vigo and Aylesford. 

Is your central heating system ageing and in need of replacing? Or are you simply looking to install new updated radiators in your home, or looking to get a more powerful central heating system to power the new extension or loft conversion you want. Whatever the reason, LP Plumbing and Heating Ltd are here to help; if warmer radiators and warmer rooms sounds like something you're in need of in your home get in touch now on 07534 907893

Central Heating Installation

When it comes to heating our homes, it is essential that our central heating system functions to the best of its ability. If this isn't the case, it can ruin the cosy and comfortable experience we want from our homes and ultimately cost us more money on utility bills. If you can relate to this, then maybe it's time to find out more about how our reliable and professional central heating installation service can keep your home warm for years to come. 

As part of our central heating installation service, we will install a new A-rated boiler, a new smart thermostat so you can keep up to date with new regulations, new radiators, new valves and pumps and everything else that you need to heat your home reliably; all whilst lowering your home's energy bills! We also specialise in Unvented stored hot water systems and all of our engineers are G3 qualified in the installation and maintenance of unvented hot water systems. 

We fully understand that no two homes are completely identical, and the same applies to the central heating system. That's why the central heating systems that we design and install are completely tailored to the needs of you and everybody else in your home. We survey every one of our jobs and have in depth discussions with our clients to ensure provide the heating and hot water solution that's right for you and your families needs. 

Why Install a new central heating system? 

More often than not, installing a brand new central heating system can improve the experience you have being in your home -  A cold house is never great, especially in the winter months. It's also worth noting that installing a brand new central heating system can add value to your property if you choose to sell your home in the coming years. Being able to show a new buyer that your homes heating and hot water system is fully up to date gives them great piece of mind knowing that it won't cost them extra money in the future. 

Central Heating Installation Needed in Snodland, Kent?

Still unconvinced that installing a brand new central heating system is the way forward? Then give us a call and find out exactly how we can help; we're available via our phone number on 07534 907893. You can also leave a message through our contact formWhilst you're here, please feel free to check out our previous work on our gallery page and our reviews on our reviews page

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